Monday, September 17, 2012

Family pics!

Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a great start to the fall! We are enjoying slow week nights of cooking at home, busy football weekends, and lots of time catching up with friends at weddings and showers. Recently, we met up with our good friend, Jennifer Crook, to have some family photos taken. I truly could not love them more than I do! We were a little nervous about how Leighton would do because her first day of Mother's Day Out was that same day, but she surprised us and did GREAT! Here are some of my favorites (I have over 100 faves by the way!)...

Awesome, huh? I could look at them all day! Thank you Jennifer!

Leighton is doing great at MDO! She loves her friends and her teachers. WHAT A BLESSING for this momma's heart (and mind!). I swing by and peek at her on the playground. She has Mr. Bear in her clutch every time. I feel so comfortable with the ladies that work there. They are wonderful.

Thanks for checking in on us!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kiawah vacation

There is nothing like the feeling of watching your child experience one of God's greatest wonders for the first time. The beach mesmerized our girl. She wasn't quite sure what to think of the sand on her feet or the waves knocking her down, but once she got the feel for it all, she could not have been happier. David and I are still laughing about how she wanted toys from other people's beach bags (even though she had the exact same ones), how she legitimately thought that she could catch at least one seagull, and how there was very little book reading for either one of us! Vacation has now taken on a new look, but it involves this precious face and we wouldn't change a thing...

 Her very first look at the ocean. 

 Mr. Bear, Lilly suit and Crocs. All set.

 One of the week's highlights was being a part of the pre-PGA Championship festivities. The tournament started 5 days after we left. Dave and L in front of The Ocean Course clubhouse.

 After dinner, we took some pics around the grounds. This is in front of the putting green.

 I just love this photo. She walked around like she owned the place with that shovel in her mouth.

 "I can catch one, I can catch one, I can catch one."
 Got visited by the ice cream truck. One of the highlights of her week.

 Tiger's boat is so small :)

 She follows the rules.

 Favorite.pic.of.all.time. Does it get any better than that bow and belly?

We had a GREAT time! 1st family vacay = success!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Birthday week! Lots of photos again!

How can it be? We already have ourselves a one year old?! I feel like we just left the hospital!

We decided that it was only fitting to celebrate our girl's birthday all week long. So on her actual birthday (May 6), she woke up to balloons all over her room. Her reaction was much more exciting when I envisioned it in my head than it actually was in reality. But, she warmed up to them after a while. She takes after her momma in the mornings :)

Then, we headed to Krispy Kreme for her very first donut before church.

Watching how the donuts are made.

After church, we came home to celebrate! I attempted to make this birthday cake for her, but she wasn't a huge fan.

She mostly shared with Daddy...

She loved all of her special gifts! We had to immediately try out the new pool and swing!

The following weekend, we had a large party at the house with family and friends. I had been planning this shindig for months! Pinterest has created a monster! It was so fun to put together a day that we could celebrate all of the joy that Leighton has brought to our lives alongside our closest family and friends.

She wasn't walking quite yet, but Grancy helped her try!

She was loaded with gifts! Thanks guys!

She liked this cake MUCH better!

Opening her presents! She loves books.

 Her friends helped too :)

To our sweet-spirited, sassy, smiley, strong-willed baby fill our hearts. I am blessed to be your momma. Your tiny voice that wakes us up in the morning and your heavy eyes as we pray together at night are the best gifts we could ever imagine. We love you so much.

The next stop for the three of us....

Stay tuned!